White Pomfret (Paplet) - Steaks

  529 MRP: 659

Let the whole white Pomfret fresh, clean, pitted, and ready for cooking. White pomfret is a kind of sea fish with lean meat, medium texture, and a mild taste. Fish popcorn is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Compared with black Pomfret, it has less fat. Fish with few bones is very suitable for frying and curry. Order white mullet and then cook fish crispy fried fish at home.

Net Weight : 400gm
Gross Weight : 550gm
Piece : 10-13

The Kukruku way
  • Premium produce, sourced directly from the origin
  • Scientifically designed central production Unit
  • Compliance to stringent quality checks
  • Delivered fresh everyday
  • Experience extraordinary cooking

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